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Help them look their best with 100% real hair.

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Our goal is to make your buying experience as smooth as our hair! Quality, Training, Support; The HEH Men’s promise to you, our salons and hair system specialists.

HEH Men’s & House of European Hair

We provide quality, service, and innovation so you can keep clients satified and your business growning.


House of European Hair (HEH), a division of Hairart Int’l Inc, is a world class industry leader with over 40 years in the business providing the finest quality European hair systems in the market. The men’s hair system segment has become our most successful and most in-demand segment we’ve experienced in our 40 years! We are so very proud and humbled by our loyal, long-time customers who have helped so many men, women, and children enjoy a natural and active lifestyle with confidence.


Throughout our years in this industry, we know that we need more than great products to succeed and stay relevant, so we’ve assembled a great team of professionals to service our customers like they’re family and treat them with the care and attention they need. Our top notch team have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions.


The other aspect of our industry is that it evolves frequently. As the needs and preferences of consumers change, we make sure we’re meeting those demands with new and innovative products. These aren’t your father’s toupees, these are high tech seameless hair systems, your hair. For example, Male Pattern Baldness is affecting men at younger ages than before, so we have developed products for their lifestyle needs with ultra-thin skin or full lace base caps that are smaller, with lighter, ashier solid colors, with low density hair that will achieve the most natural appearance of who they are now, because it’s all about the hairline!


World-class craftsmanship U.S. based service

Most of our after-care and repairs are done here, in our upscale salons by our industry leading artisanal hair-crafters here in Los Angeles and Orange Ca.
Here’s an actual video at real speed of one of our craftspeople repairing a customer’s hair system.

View our hand crafting